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UTG PREMIERE: Stream Modern Suits’ Driven New EP, ‘Every Light’

Blazing straight out of Philadelphia, Modern Suits‘ new record, Every Light, is a record crammed full of emotionally-driven rock songs. Produced by Fred Mascherino (ex-Taking Back Sunday, The Color Fred), the five-track effort contains songs that deliver punch after punch of energy and power. Songs like the opener, “The Road,” and the title track, “Every […]

A Decade Under The Influence: 10 Years Of Taking Back Sunday’s ‘Where You Want To Be’

In the fall of 2004, I had just turned 14 years old. I was unsure of how my clothes were supposed to fit my body, and over the summer, I had grown a substantial neck beard. Girls were becoming more interesting by the day, and high school was no longer a far off destination, but […]

Only On Weekends

UTG ALBUM PREMIERE: Only On Weekends – ‘Light Years and Heavy Lifting’

Philadelphia’s Only On Weekends are chopping up a plate of pop punk nostalgia with the brand new EP, Light Years and Heavy Lifting. The record, due out May 30, delivers simplistic and clever songs of daily life struggles (such as “Good for You,” for a number about swelling heartache) that mirror the likes of Weezer […]

Say Anything’s Live Band To Include Fred Mascherino And More

Say Anything‘s summer tour kicks off in June, and in an update from the band, Max Bemis revealed what he likened to an “all-star lineup” of musicians that will make up their touring band. New additions to their live band will include Fred Mascherino (ex-Taking Back Sunday, The Color Fred, Terrible Things), Greg Dunn (Moving Mountains) and Kenny […]

WATCH: Terrible Things Perform Three Songs For Nervous Energies

While in West Chester, Pennsylvania to shoot some press photos for Terrible Things, Ryan Russell of Nervous Energies and the band decided to mic up their practice space and film three sessions. The band performed “Last Look” and “Innocent” from their new EP, Pre-Transmission, as well “Lullaby” from their self-titled 2010 release. Pre-Transmission was released on […]

ALBUM STREAM: Terrible Things – ‘Pre-Transmission’ EP

After being in Taking Back Sunday, Fred Mascherino tried it as a solo act as The Color Fred and then formed Terrible Things. It came off as a supergroup with everyone else having also been a member of some other band, including Josh Eppard from Coheed & Cambria. The band has a different lineup now, with Aaron Van […]

Terrible Things Reveals New Lineup

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Fred Mascherino of Terrible Things. Months ago, Fred’s latest musical venture fell apart. As most “supergroups” go, the band lost 2 of it’s 3 members and then fell silent. First, Terrible Things lost guitarist and co/vocalist Andy Jackson to the newly re-formed Hot Rod Circuit. Then, drummer […]

Fred Mascherino Announces Solo Tour Dates

Fred Mascherino has revealed that he will be embarking on a solo tour in August, with help from Scott Reynolds and Toy Cannons. This tour will start on August 3 in Washington D.C. and end on August 11 in Pennsylvania so be sure to grab tickets when they become available. This tour sounds very exciting! […]

Follow Up: Fred Mascherino speaks about Josh Eppard’s departure from Terrible Things

News finally broke today that Josh Eppard has officially rejoined Coheed and Cambria, a move fan’s of the New York rock band have been waiting 5 years for. Josh had been the drummer for Terrible Things for the duration of the project up until this point. Now that he and Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit) […]

LIVE REVIEW: An In-Depth Look At The 2011 Van’s Warped Tour

We sent Jacob Tender to his first Warped Tour ever and to say he had a lot to report would be an understatement. Click through now to enjoy a truly in-depth look at the greatest traveling music festival of all time!

UTG TV: Terrible Things Interview + Acoustic

Just days before they dropped off their tour with Streetlight Manifesto, Terrible Things sat down with UTG TV for an interview and acoustic performance of “Can’t Be True.”