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Ryan Russell Releasing Photo Book Through No Sleep Records

No Sleep Records partnered up with rock photographer/Nervous Energies founder Ryan Russell to release a photo book called Continental Obscura: From Birmingham to Bellingham this coming fall/winter 2013. Read a direct statement from Russell on this expansive project below. After all 32 years of my life in Birmingham, Alabama and the past 13 years as […]


WATCH: Daylight Nervous Energies Session

Run For Cover Records’ Daylight recently shot a two song Nervous Energies session when passing through Birmingham, Alabama. The band performed two songs for the recording: “Damp”, a song from The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams, the band’s most recent release through Run For Cover, and “Two Of A Kind”, a track from the […]

WATCH: The Almost Nervous Energies Session

The Almost was recently on To Write Love On Her Arms’ “Heavy And Light” acoustic tour. Somewhere in-between performances, frontman Aaron Gillespie recorded a stripped down three track acoustic session with Nervous Energies. Included in the series of videos are “Hand Grenade”, a song off of the group’s sophomore effort, Monster Monster, and “I’m Down”, […]

WATCH: Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) and Anthony Raneri (Bayside) Nervous Energies Session

Hot on the heels of one incredible Bayside tour announcement, the lead singer of that band and the lead singer of another iconic rock group have released an acoustic video, courtesy of Nervous Energies. Taking up their acoustic guitars on a back lounge couch on the Heavy & Light Tour, Anthony Raneri and Jon Foreman […]

now now

WATCH: Now, Now – “Wolf” and “But I Do” (Nervous Energies Sessions)

The three principals of Now, Now – Cacie Dalager, Jess Abbot, and Bradley Hale – make beautiful, sometimes unbearably beautiful, music together. Their delicate, lush brand of indie pop sounds great on record and in a live setting as well. But how does it sound unplugged? Awesome, as a matter of fact – seems their […]

broadway calls

WATCH: The Nervous Energies Sessions For Broadway Calls And Pity Sex

Yep, it’s a twofer! Nervous Energies is giving us double the pleasure, double the fun with their first session of 2013, featuring gritty punk-poppers Broadway Calls and navel gazing indie pop act Pity Sex. No, the bands aren’t playing together. What would you even call that supergroup? Pity Calls? Broadway Sex? The latter sounds more glamourous, but […]

WATCH: Terrible Things Perform Three Songs For Nervous Energies

While in West Chester, Pennsylvania to shoot some press photos for Terrible Things, Ryan Russell of Nervous Energies and the band decided to mic up their practice space and film three sessions. The band performed “Last Look” and “Innocent” from their new EP, Pre-Transmission, as well “Lullaby” from their self-titled 2010 release. Pre-Transmission was released on […]

WATCH: Benjamin Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) – “Teardrop Windows” and “Cleveland”

Nervous Energies recently caught up with Death Cab For Cutie singer and songwriter, Benjamin Gibbard on his recent solo tour. Gibbard was kind enough to perform two songs backstage for Nervous Energies. He performed “Teardrop Windows” off of his new solo record, Former Lives, and “Cleveland”, a song from his old side project, ¡All-Time Quarterback!. […]

WATCH: Souvenirs Nervous Energies Performance

California emo act Souvenirs recently sat down with Ryan Russell to perform a two-song session for the popular Nervous Energies series. Vocalist Tim Riley performs stripped down versions of the band’s tracks “Sinker” and “Squeeze”, in a casual, porch front session. Souvenirs recently announced they would be releasing a split with fellow California rockers Silver […]

WATCH: Joyce Manor – “House Warning Party” (Acoustic)

The Nervous Energies Sessions rarely disappoint, and this one is no different. California punk group Joyce Manor has done one now, and it is their first ever acoustic performance. Barry sings and plays acoustic guitar all by his lonesome, performing their song “House Warning Party” with a fog machine running wild in the background. We […]

Bad Books & Miracle of ’86 Sessions At Nervous Energies

When you have completely your daily perusing of Under The Gun, jet over to Nervous Energies and check out the Bad Books sessions. The indie rock super group provide sessions of “Friendly Advice” and “No Sides.” If that isn’t temptation enough, check out Kevin Devine reliving his previous and long defunct project Miracle of ’86 […]

Right Away, Great Captain! Plays Nervous Energies Session

Right Away, Great Captain! played a Nervous Energies session with Ryan Russell, and like his music, the set is gorgeous. For those who don’t know, Right Away, Great Captain! is Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra’s side project. The Nervous Energies sessions are pretty much always acoustic, which lends itself very nicely to Andy Hull as […]