guided by voices

Guided By Voices Drummer Kicked Out For Selling Drum Kit On eBay

Excuse me? Apparently, drummer Kevin Fennell, from Guided By Voices, has been relieved of his drumming duties after attempting to sell his drum kit on eBay for a modest $55,000. With the bidding war ready to begin, Fennell even offered to deliver the kit to the buyer himself, with the hopes of a possible jam […]

Guided By Voices Have Album And EP Coming In Early 2013

Indie rockers Guided By Voices have an EP, Down by the Racetrak, coming out on January 22. They announced that yesterday; today, they’ve announced that they will also release a full length album, English Little League, on April 30. Three song titles are known from the album: “Xeno Pariah”, “With Glass In Foot”, and “The […]