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STREAM: He Is We – “Georgia”

Singer-songwriter outfit He Is We had a little surprise for some of their fans on February 13th – a new song. “Here is your surprise!!! Introducing our new song “Georgia” accompanied by all of you beautiful faces!” read the caption at the beginning of the clip premiering He Is We’s new song. Indeed, the photo-album accompanying […]

Rachel Taylor Returns to He Is We

Is it over yet? It’s been a crazy year for He Is We and all of the parties involved. So, let’s catch up. First, vocalist Rachel Taylor pulled herself from the road due to illness. She was replaced by new live singer Stevie Scott. Then Rachel decided that it might be necessary to take legal action to […]

He Is We Announce New Vocalist, Comment On Rachel Taylor’s Departure

He Is We have announced Stevie Scott as the full time replacement for former vocalist Rachel Taylor. In a letter released to fans and press, Scott and guitarist/songwriter Trevor Kelly commented on He Is We’s recent changes: “Rachel is hands down one of the most talented individuals I know and have ever had the pleasure […]

Rachel Taylor Blogs About Leaving He Is We, Discusses Future Plans

It seems like Rachel Taylor has officially left He Is We following weeks of rumors/gossip on blogs. To announce her potential departure, and better explain the motivation behind her decision to leave, Rachel posted a lengthy blog on her Tumblr earlier this morning. She later followed that post with another entry detailing her outlook on […]

Rachel Taylor To Take Legal Action To Preserve Her Role In He Is We

Rachel Taylor of He Is We has had it rough in the past few months. In late April, He Is We announced that Rachel would no longer be able to tour with the band due to health complications. As a result of that, Stevie Scott stepped in to perform touring vocal duties. Now in addition […]

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LIVE: He is We – “Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen Cover)

Pop group He is We recently met up with our friends at Alter The Press! to play them a cover of the popular Carly Rae Jepson song “Call Me Maybe,” and we have the video right here! The cover is very stripped down and is a fun listen, so make sure you check it out […]

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He Is We Perform With New Vocalist

He Is We were filmed performing their song “And Run,” with the help of new vocalist Stevie Scott, at The Rave and did a fantastic job. Trevor Kelly has also released a statement on Rachel Taylor’s departure from He Is We. Read the full statement from Trevor and watch their performance by simply clicking through […]

He Is We Introduce New Singer Stevie Scott

AbsolutePunk is reporting that the new He is We live singer will be Stevie Scott. You can check out a new live session video with her performing “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye after the jump.

He Is We To Undergo Lineup Change; Experience Health Concerns

Absolutepunk’s Jason Tate is reporting that He is We is set to experience a lineup change, due to health concerns experienced by Rachel Taylor. In a statement released from posted on the site, Taylor is quoted as saying: “Music has always been my dream. I began writing songs to express my feelings. Sadness, excitement, anger, […]

STREAM: He Is We – “L-L-Love”

He is We has been a busy pair over the past year. After releasing their debut full length My Forever and the Skip to the Good Part EP, the band set on the road and has been touring nearly nonstop since. They haven’t stopped either. The band is still out on the road for a spring tour, starting […]

He Is We Announce US Tour

He Is We have unveiled their upcoming US tour in May, with direct support coming from Deas Vail, Plug In Stereo, and South Jordan. The tour begins on May 2 in Minnesota and ends on June 6 in Washington. Please check out the entire touring itinerary by simply heading through the jump and let UTG […]

He Is We Perform Acoustic

Indie rockers He Is We sat down for AP and performed acoustic verisions of their songs “Blame It On The Rain” and “All About Us.” Please click through the jump to view the acoustic session and enjoy. Be sure to grab He Is We’s latest material, Skip to the Good Part EP, through Universal Republic […]