lineup changes

Oh, Sleeper Guitarist Plans Departure

Solid State Records’ Christian metalcore heavyweights Oh, Sleeper have some sad news to relay today. As of early next year, guitarist James Erwin will be stepping down from his position in the band to pursue life. The lineup change will occur after the band’s Australian tour. James was the final piece to the band’s lineup […]

Rachel Taylor Returns to He Is We

Is it over yet? It’s been a crazy year for He Is We and all of the parties involved. So, let’s catch up. First, vocalist Rachel Taylor pulled herself from the road due to illness. She was replaced by new live singer Stevie Scott. Then Rachel decided that it might be necessary to take legal action to […]

Alex Torres Asked to Leave Alesana

Things have pretty quiet lately in the Alesana camp, but with the most recent news to come from the band, we may very well see some movement soon. This evening, guitarist Alex Torres took to his Twitter account to announce to his followers that Alesana have decided to move on without him. This beats any […]

Coheed and Cambria Nov, 2011

Coheed and Cambria Announce New Bassist, Zach Cooper

Coheed and Cambria has been in the studio for several months now. That’s a pretty exciting notion to any fan of New York’s favorite progressive rock band. There have been questions, however, to who exactly is IN the studio with the band. With Josh Eppard back in the seat, the percussion spot left open had […]

The Wonder Years announce tour support changes

Due to Such Gold and Fireworks leaving, The Wonder Years have been forced to rework the support for their current headlining tour. You can read a statement from the band detailing which bands will be filling in and when they will be joining/leaving the tour below. Our own Justin Proper attended the Manscout Jamboree tour […]