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Arcade Fire Share ‘Festi,’ A Short Horror Film

In celebration of what a lot of us believe is the best holiday of the year, Halloween, Arcade Fire have revealed a short horror film titled Festi. The short features appearances by James Murphy, Fleet Foxes, Slash and more. You can watch it by taking a look below the jump. The quirky short follows the […]


Nothing says Saturday night like taking a little time from your busy schedule to enjoy a new motion picture. That said, we understand that cinema prices are at an all time high, concessions are even worse, and the twenty-plus minutes of previews can be mind numbing beyond explanation. So tonight we decided to circumvent the […]

SHORT FILM: The Hunt (Based On The Game “Duck Hunt”)

G4 may not be the most popular TV channel, but they definitely know how to cater to gamers and aging nerds that refuse to let go of the past. This year, they’re releasing three short films based on classic video games and starting today you can watch the first of those flicks right here on […]

SHORT FILM: Zombie In A Penguin Suit

Halloween is only a couple week away and as such, we think it’s about time we start amping up our horror coverage. If you enjoy these short film posts, let us know and we’ll try to bring you more in the coming weeks. Recently, a group of Boston filmmakers quietly released a brand new short […]