Nothing says Saturday night like taking a little time from your busy schedule to enjoy a new motion picture. That said, we understand that cinema prices are at an all time high, concessions are even worse, and the twenty-plus minutes of previews can be mind numbing beyond explanation. So tonight we decided to circumvent the multiplex altogether and bring the movies to you.

Director Derek Dubois previously teamed with UTG in the fall of 2011 to debut his post-apocalyptic short, Fallout, and we’re happy to again partner with him to premiere his latest work, Lucid.

A micro-budget horror short, Lucid explores themes of crumbling American masculinity in contemporary society. In it, a film professor is forced to make choices between protecting himself or his family when his home is invaded by a monstrous stranger. The film was shot entirely using DSLRs and was funded mainly through the use of Kickstarter. You can view the short after the jump.

Lucid – A Short Film from Derek Dubois on Vimeo.

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