REVIEW: Keith Alan Mitchell – ‘This Clumsy World’

Artist: Keith Alan Mitchell Album: This Clumsy World Genre: Indie Folk, Acoustic Classic rock was a constant in my home as a child, and folk variations of the beloved genre were a staple as well. Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, The Band, Neil Young, and Dylan; these were artists that were seldom left off the turntable […]

REVIEW: Dark Model – ‘Dark Model’

Artist: Dark Model Album: Dark Model Genre: EDM, Orchestral In the overly homogenized genre that EDM has become in recent years, it takes a lot to truly stand out and grab one’s attention. This obviously goes for any genre of music, truly, but electronic dance music seems to have fallen victim to over-saturation and timeworn […]

UTG INTERVIEW: The Devine Xperience Discuss Debut Album

Robert Jaros, aka Robert Devine, has been involved with music for the majority of his life. He’s explored genres, projects, and various clubs, and also worked with some very prominent artists along the way. His newest endeavor is The Devine Xperience, which consists of EDM unlike any EDM you’ve likely heard. It weaves in and […]

UTG INTERVIEW: Keith Alan Mitchell Discusses ‘This Clumsy World’

Keith Alan Mitchell just released his debut album on June 20. Entitled This Clumsy World, Mitchell describes the release as primarily “organic, natural acoustic sounds” which is an apt synopsis. It features 12 tracks of classic-style folk and rock with backing instrumentation that adds a fuller wall of sound to Mitchell’s lead. We recently got […]


To me, everything about Damian Wilde appears to be interesting–from his upbringing, to his locale, to his surprising taste in music. This includes his own music as well. His newest EP, entitled Nouveau Noir, is hard to pin down genre-wise. It could appeal to fans of R&B, indie rock, and ambient trip-hop. Basically, if you’re […]

UTG INTERVIEW: Larusso Discuss ‘Life In Static’

Salt Lake City’s Larusso are preparing to make their mark on the alternative scene with their forthcoming LP, Life In Static. The album drops on August 15 and will surely appeal to fans of mid-2000s golden age pop-punk, emo, and alternative acts such as Anberlin, Taking Back Sunday, and Jimmy Eat World. Basically all the […]

UTG INTERVIEW: Tatsuya Oe Discusses Dark Model’s Debut LP, Past Projects

When you’ve been involved with music for as long as Tatsuya Oe you’re bound to have the necessary knowledge and insight to create something unique–one would hope at least. Add a wildly expansive taste stemmed from a vast array of influences, along with the experiences that come from living in two very different cultures, and […]

UTG INTERVIEW: Julian Rhine Talks Rock, Rap, and Religion

“The instruments are just conduits. The soul is where the music comes from.” Julian Rhine was raised on some of the greatest musical artists to ever create, which no doubt influenced his own path as a musician. As the Brooklyn native states “rock and rap are both sub-genres of pop, and I have deep-rooted love […]

REVIEW: Mangoseed – ‘Basquiat’

Artist: Mangoseed Album: Basquiat Genre: Funk, Rock, Reggae London’s Mangoseed recently released Basquiat, their newest full-length LP, influenced of course by the late New York City-based artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. When we recently spoke with the band, we asked them how Basquiat influenced the end result of this record. Lead vocalist, Nicholai La Barrie, responded: “I […]

True Groove Records Sign Worldwide Distribution Deal With The Orchard

Tomás Doncker’s True Groove label just recently signed a massive global distribution and licensing deal with The Orchard, teaming up to further represent and expand True Groove’s progressing label and “Global Soul” artists in what will inevitably be a massive year and future for Doncker and his talented cohorts. Doncker explains, “We are very excited […]

UTG INTERVIEW: Oakes & Smith

Robert Oakes and Katherine Smith met by chance in the summer of 2007 and as they connected immediately on many levels, the two brought their creative strengths together to form a project that has been progressing ever since. The two just released their brand new album, First Flight, in November of 2013, a beautiful folk […]

REVIEW: Heidi Howe – ‘Be Good’

Artist: Heidi Howe Album: Be Good Genre: Alt-Country, Americana “Going through the pain of the past few years and coming out the other side was and is a pretty big accomplishment to me. The album feels a little like a merit badge I got for that.” Howe’s vocals are literally the first thing you’re introduced […]