Lael Summer


Lael Summer‘s recent full-length, Burden To Bear, shows undeniable talent from a young artist with a massive voice. After reviewing the effort late last month, Summer took some time to speak with us openly about her musical roots, her newest album, and a lot of the deeply personal themes that make up the lyrical content […]

REVIEW: Lael Summer – ‘Burden To Bear’

Artist: Lael Summer Album: Burden To Bear Genre: Soul, Pop You would never believe that Lael Summer was in her early to mid twenties by listening to the maturity and refined sounds in her music and (ostensibly) experient vocals. Backed by a wise choice of band consisting of True Groove founder Tomás Doncker and a […]

True Groove Records Sign Worldwide Distribution Deal With The Orchard

Tomás Doncker’s True Groove label just recently signed a massive global distribution and licensing deal with The Orchard, teaming up to further represent and expand True Groove’s progressing label and “Global Soul” artists in what will inevitably be a massive year and future for Doncker and his talented cohorts. Doncker explains, “We are very excited […]