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UTG INTERVIEW: Frank Iero Shows Simplistic Brilliance With New Record

Frank Iero stands with confidence behind his merchandise table. It’s a simple table — a few shirts hang while a stack of posters and records occupy the space between Iero and his patrons. He smiles as he deals out his products — all of which contain the symbol Iero created to represent his music. Every […]

Dream Riders: The Tour Desires of Your Favorite Artists (UTG Exclusive)

Wikipedia defines a rider as: a set of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance. Whether an act’s tour rider is ridiculously egocentric and/or overly materialistic, just plain outlandish in a fun way, a rock ‘n’ roll legend, or far more modest and unshowy than you might expect, nearly every touring […]

REVIEW: Reggie and the Full Effect – ‘No Country For Old Musicians’

Artist: Reggie and the Full Effect Album: No Country For Old Musicians Label: Pure Noise Records Genre: Alternative Reggie and the Full Effect return for the first time in five years with No Country For Old Musicians, a quirky and apathetic collection of songs proving to be some of the best seen from the James […]

Matt Pryor and James Dewees extend “Two For The Road” Tour

Alternative Press reports that fellow Get Up Kids bandmates, Matt Pryor and James Dewees have extended their “Two For The Road” Tour. Matt Pryor (The New Amsterdams) and James Dewees (Reggie And The Full Effect) are slated to perform their solo material, and have invited Into It. Over It. back to support them on select […]

Reggie And The Full Effect Is Back In Action With Kickstarter Help

It’s been an unbearable five years since Reggie And The Full Effect’s Last Stop: Crappy Town and unfortunate farewell tour. We all thought it was the end of a great project and ridiculously fun live shows. Alas, we’re so pleased to find out that James Dewees (Coalesce, The Get Up Kids) has revived his electronica/rock […]

Reggie and The Full Effect – Last Stop: Crappy town

Band: Reggie and The Full Effect Album: Last Stop: Crappy Town Genre: Punk/Rock Label: Vagrant Tracks: 1. G 2. Smith & 9th 3. F 4. E 5. 3rd Ave. 6. L 7. J 8. V 9. Lorimer St. 10. R 11. 36th St. 12. N Three whole years and ten million rumors later, Reggie and […]