Dream Riders: The Tour Desires of Your Favorite Artists (UTG Exclusive)

Wikipedia defines a rider as: a set of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance. Whether an act’s tour rider is ridiculously egocentric and/or overly materialistic, just plain outlandish in a fun way, a rock ‘n’ roll legend, or far more modest and unshowy than you might expect, nearly every touring […]

Listen to Yoni Wolf’s New Rap Mixtape

There’s a reason Yoni Wolf is awesome, and there’s no time like right now to learn why. This year marks 10 years since WHY? formed back in Berkeley, CA and won people over with their alternative hip hop. Now the band’s frontman just shared a new rap mixtape. Cue anniversary swooning. Yoni Wolf is going on […]

WHY? Release “Waterlines” Music Video, Yoni Wolf Announces Solo Rap Tour

This year marks the 10 years since WHY? first formed back in 2004 in Berkeley, CA. The alternative hip hop group was started by Yoni Wolf, and today we have news regarding both. WHY?’s last album, Mumps, Etc, came out back in 2012, but today the band has shared a music video for the track “Waterlines.” […]

Lorde To Collaborate and/or Tour with Yoni Wolf/WHY?

Try to tell me you wouldn’t listen to some WolfLorde. I had to read over the situation here at least three times to fully comprehend the amount of awesome possibilities that could erupt from a collaboration of this magnitude. I’ve been a longtime follower and fan of the Wolf Brothers and their eclectic, genre-defying band […]

New WHY? ‘Golden Tickets’ EP, Stream Track “Murmurer”

Indie rap group WHY? are following up 2012?s Mumps, Etc. with a brand new EP titled Golden Tickets which will come out September 17. What’s the theme? The band’s fans. Cue the awwww’s. Honestly though, each of the EP’s tracks focuses on WHY?’s relation to a different superfan of the band. It’s not often you get […]

A Rocket To The Moon Explain Sudden Breakup

When news broke about A Rocket To The Moon calling it quits, we like many of you were a bit confused. The band had just released Wild & Free, arguably the best album of their career, and they had plenty of plans to tour in the months that lie ahead. Things change, however, and now […]

modern baseball band

Modern Baseball Signs To Run For Cover Records, Plans Second Pressing Of Debut Album ‘Sports’

News has just broken that Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based punk act Modern Baseball just signed with Boston indie/punk label Run For Cover Records. Congrats guys! Quick question, can someone tell me why so many good bands are coming out of the eastern end of the Keystone State? Snowing, Literature, Tigers Jaw, Title Fight… seriously, what are […]

MUSIC VIDEO: WHY? – “Strawberries”

Yoni Wolf and the rest of the WHY? gang throw their own version of a street parade in their brand new music video for “Strawberries” off their forthcoming full-length, Mumps, etc. The album drops October 9 via Anticon/City Slang. Watch Yoni lead a fleet of costumed friends in the video after the jump. Mumps, etc. […]


Some of you have been asking what happened to Reasonable Remakes this week, but do not worry! The column is not gone, in fact it is more alive than ever, we just wanted to give you something special this week. You see, recently it came to our intention that certain people in Hollywood think remaking […]

That’s Outrageous statement & Tom DeGrazia response

Drama, Drama, Drama. When did the music business get this way? Max Wrye (That’s Outrageous drummer) has released a statement clarifying their reasoning for giving founding member Tom DeGrazia the boot. You can read the statement below. Please stay tuned to UTG as this story continues to develop. If you see anything we havent posted, email […]

Why VersaEmerge’s drummer quit

Read the painfully long statement regarding why drummer Anthony Martone has left the band. Click on the link to read if you dare.

Mount Eerie Begins New Tour

Provided by Paste Magazine Lo-fi is a term that gets tossed around a lot these days. It seems like everyone is eager to grasp at the DIY authenticity implied by the label. But true blue lo-fi doesn’t care much for labels, and Phil Elverum probably likes it that way. He’s labored away as the creative […]