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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Army of the Damned’

The important thing to ask yourself before you see Army of the Damned is, what do you WANT from your horror movies? I will admit I’m not a horror aficionado myself, but there are fairly well-established running trends to the genre, including but not limited to blood, guts, gore, stupidity, inadvertent and intentional hilarity, occasional […]

*NSYNC Reunion Rumored For 2013 VMAs

Pop fans, the wait may be over. The New York Post is reporting via their infamous Page Six that *NSYNC will be reuniting for a one-time performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) this Sunday, August 25. So, how might this have come to be without anyone noticing? Justin Timberlake, who more or […]

Joey Fatone Wants An *NSYNC Reunion; Tells Fans To Ask Other Members

The last few years have seen the reunion of nearly every boy band ever, except one. No matter how much fans beg, plead, and dream, no amount of public outcry seems to be enough to usher in the return of *NSYNC. However, a tweet from one member earlier today has assured fans will continue to […]