Sully Erna

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Army of the Damned’

The important thing to ask yourself before you see Army of the Damned is, what do you WANT from your horror movies? I will admit I’m not a horror aficionado myself, but there are fairly well-established running trends to the genre, including but not limited to blood, guts, gore, stupidity, inadvertent and intentional hilarity, occasional […]

Sully Erna Releases “Sinners Prayer” Video

Sully Erna, front man of mega rock band Godsmack, has released his video for the debut single “Sinner’s Prayer,” off his solo album, Avalon. It can be viewed after the jump!

Sully Erna Releases Solo Debut

Sully Erna’s latest masterpiece, Avalon, was released yesterday on Universal Republic Records. Check out more after the jump!

Godsmack new song “Cryin’ Like A Bitch”

Multi-platinum selling artist Godsmack are preparing to release their highly anticipated album, The Oracle.