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GameChanger World Launches App That Enhances This Year’s Skate And Surf Festival

Skate And Surf founder John D’Esposito has spent much of his time in the past few years working on an additional medium most of us overlook: the smartphone app. While a few years ago, after Nine Inch Nails launched their own, artists having their apps was all the rage, it seems now that applications on […]

Bamboozle To Announce More Bands Next Week

After a talent-packed midnight announcement revealing most of it’s line-up, it appears The Bamboozle is not yet done surprising fans. Festival founder John D recently announced there is another festival announcement in the works that is sure to stun fans. Considering that this year celebrates 10 years of the festival, fans will most certainly not […]

Interview with creator of Bamboozle

An interview with John D. (the creator of Bamboozle) can be read by clicking past the link.