GameChanger World Launches App That Enhances This Year’s Skate And Surf Festival

Skate And Surf founder John D’Esposito has spent much of his time in the past few years working on an additional medium most of us overlook: the smartphone app. While a few years ago, after Nine Inch Nails launched their own, artists having their apps was all the rage, it seems now that applications on our smart phones have fallen by the wayside. John D has been working with his company, GameChanger World, to not only revitalize the idea, but to take it where it should’ve always been: exclusive content, some fun games, and – get this – actually helpful information pertaining to the shows you care about.

Today, the GameChanger World app launched for Google/Android and for iOS, with big immediate benefits coming to those who plan to attend this weekend’s Skate & Surf Festival in New Jersey. As a free app, if you plan on attending, you should probably download it. Even downloading it now gives an immediate benefit: it’s the easiest place to find all the stages and set times. I’ve already got it on my iPhone, waiting for this weekend, knowing that there is more to come from the app to enhance the festival.

Dan Bogosian
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