John Gourley

Portugal. The Man Stream Another New Track From ‘Evil Friends’

A little over a month ago, indie rock favorites Portugal. The Man released the details on their forthcoming, Danger Mouse-produced album, Evil Friends, only after posting a few slightly cryptic photos via Instagram to get people talking. Along with the album art, track list, and release date, they dropped a new song, the self-titled track […]

Portugal. The Man Release ‘Evil Friends’ Album Info, New Song

Up until 2011’s highly acclaimed In the Mountain in the Cloud, Portugal. The Man had this ridiculous consistency of releasing an album every year since 2006. That more or less means working non-stop and devoting yourself to nothing but music. We as fans appreciate that of course but it almost makes it hard to even […]

UTG INTERVIEW: Portugal. The Man

Psych-rock band Portugal. The Man have continued to be consistent and precise over the past seven years, providing fans with at least one release annually, with a somewhat reinvented sound for each. Between John Gourley’s distinctive, faultless falsetto and the expertise of each member’s instrumentation, Portugal. The Man have become one of indie rock’s most […]

Portugal. The Man recover most of stolen gear

Portugal. The Man can rest easier this evening knowing the Chicago PD have found most of the group’s stolen equipment! Thanks to numerous Tweets from celebrities, Lollapalooza, Facebook, networks and bloggers the group had an eagle eye on tracking the possessions. Frontman John Gourley has issued an official statement regarding the incident and can be […]