Emmure Say Victory Records Never Cheated Or Stole From Them

There’s probably a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths over the controversies seen between different bands and the label Victory Records. The most obvious feud is the current one, between them and A Day To Remember. There’s also some bad blood between the label and Between The Buried And Me, who have asked […]

Laura Jane Grace Has Five Guitars Stolen

It never stops happening, and it never gets any less sad. Once again, we’re hearing about a musician having to deal with major theft, and unfortunately Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace is on the receiving end this time around. As she tweeted several days ago, five of her favorite guitars were stolen. Against Me! […]

Alpha & Omega Robbed In Seattle

Shitty news out of the Northwestern US this morning as UTG has just learned hardcore outfit Alpha & Omega were robbed on Sunday, May 26. From what has been explained, it seems the band were in the Seattle area on Sunday when an unknown assailant broke into their parked van and made away with essentially […]

Dinosaur Jr Guitar Stolen

J Mascis, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist behind Dinosaur Jr, had his guitar stolen after a recent show. The guitar was stolen at the October 11 show in Oregon. The guitar is a white Squire Jazzmaster; ironically, this is a pretty cheap guitar – you can buy one new for $400. But hey, I guess […]

Nicolas Cage Burns $10 Million, Fights People In First “Stolen” Trailer

If there is one actor the UTG crew follows relentlessly, it’s Mr. Nicolas Cage. Say what you will about the man’s films individually, but as a whole few actors have been at it as long, or as much as Nicolas Cage. He has over 60 titles attributed to his IMDB and a career half as […]

F&@$ YEAH: Animals As Leaders Recover Stolen Van And One Guitar

Prosthetic Records experimental rockers Animals As Leaders were robbed only a few days ago on tour and now it has been revealed that the guys recovered Javier Reyes’ Chevy Blazer, with one of Tosin Abasi’s guitars, from the LAPD. Read a message from Abasi regarding the incident below and comment with your thoughts. Unfortunately, this […]

Axl Rose Robbed of Necklaces Worth $200,000, Nobody Else Decides to Care

Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses at a recent show in Paris was robbed of 3 necklaces that in total was worth around $200,000, reports the NY Daily News. I want you to look at that number again. $200,000. That’s what my overpriced school is trying to charge me to learn for four years. That’s […]

Van/Equipment Stolen From Carbon Tigers

We are heartbroken to learn that Chicago rock outfit Carbon Tigers have had their touring van, along with all of the band’s equipment, stolen out of the Clark/Lawrence area! Thousands of dollars gone in an instant. Please click right here to view all of the stolen gear and help us catch these low-lifes, that decided […]

Lower Than Atlantis Robbed!

Another robbery has occurred within the music community and the victim of these events are UK act Lower Than Atlantis. This is truly a terrible event, seeing as how practically all of their personal belongings are long gone. View the Tweet from the group by looking below. UTG will keep you posted on the events […]

Someone Robbed The Cab’s Alexander DeLeon

The Cab’s Alexander DeLeon revealed via Twitter this morning that someone stole his backpack last night. DeLeon tweeted “my backpack was stolen last night. my computer (so all of my songs, pictures, everything), ipad, and a ton else. pretty broken-hearted.” Then followed the announcement moments later with a message to the robber, stating “to whoever […]

Bad Rabbits Robbed in Philadelphia

According to their Twitter, Boston’s Bad Rabbits were robbed while performing in Philadelphia last night. From what we gather, a security guard responsible for watching the group’s green room chose instead to watch the show, which presented the perfect opportunity for someone to sneak in. The good news is, the thieves (apparently) only managed to […]

Help Ghost Thrower Find Their Missing Guitar

Ghost Thrower guitarist Ben Anderson has lost his LTD LP guitar and needs our help locating it. The group discovered the guitar was missing this weekend and posted the following message on Tumblr: “ben is missing his LTD LP. We believe it was stolen in Charlestown or Cambridge on Friday afternoon. Reward? Maybe. Please be […]