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UTG LIST: Best Albums of 2012

All year the Under the Gun Review staff has weighed in on what we thought about the albums the music scene had to offer. This year has been good to us musically, but it’s a really hard process to shave down to our ten favorites of the year. As you’ll see when you read through […]

REVIEW: Gojira – L’enfant Sauvage

Artist: Gojira Album: L’enfant Sauvage Genre: Metal Label: Roadrunner Records When you’re in the throes of complete and utter fandom of a band and you get the news that you’re given the responsibility of reviewing their yet-to-be released album, what are your first thoughts? Mine were quite simple: I hope this album is as good as […]

EXCLUSIVE: A Conversation With Cory Johnson of Impending Doom

With the landscape of the deathcore scene becoming more and more diverse over the last couple years, some bands are still looking to find their way, to settle into their own unique niche. Obviously some bands are doing it better than others, and it would appear that Impending Doom are about to join the leagues […]

REVIEW: Dub Trio – IV

Artist: Dub Trio Album: IV Genre: Dub Rock Label: ROIR! Reviewing albums that meld seemingly unrelated styles of music has led me on a rather interesting journey. You may remember my reviews for some of these albums, such as Lulu or The Browning, and how they weren’t really that positive. Brooklynites Dub Trio are about […]

UTG INTERVIEW: The Black Dahlia Murder

About to release their fifth studio album in not a lot of years (the third with Shannon Lucas on the skins), and they’ve proven time and time again that they’re a force to be reckoned with. I already reviewed their latest release, ritual, and then we had the opportunity to chat with Shannon to get some more insights about the record and the general happenings in the band these days.