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History Lesson

MUSIC HISTORY CLASS – McCartney and Lennon Meet

On this day in 1976, a reunion six years in the making took place; no, not a musical reunion, but rather a personal reunion. Six years after the The Beatles posthumously released what would be their last album, Let It Be,  Paul McCartney and his wife, Linda, visited John Lennon at Lennon’s apartment in New […]

Andrew Stockdale wouldn’t “Let It Be”

Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother) was beyond inebriated this past Sunday, near his hometown of Brisbane, Australia, when he decided to entertain locals with his rendition of The Beatles’ classic “Let It Be.” After completely interrupting the other artist to perform he was asked to leave the bar but refused by simply sitting on the floor. After […]

Alex Goot covers “Let It Be”

Alex Goot covers The Beatles’ “Let It Be” with AJ Rafael.