MUSIC HISTORY CLASS – McCartney and Lennon Meet

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On this day in 1976, a reunion six years in the making took place; no, not a musical reunion, but rather a personal reunion. Six years after the The Beatles posthumously released what would be their last album, Let It Be,  Paul McCartney and his wife, Linda, visited John Lennon at Lennon’s apartment in New York City.

It was a rare event following the tumultuous final years of the iconic Rock band. Reportedly, the McCartney’s and Lennon spent the evening watching Saturday Night Live. The duo was asked to come down to the SNL studio only several blocks away and perform a couple Beatles’ songs. While McCartney and Lennon considered the invitation, they ultimately decided that they were too tired to perform.

The longtime partners in crime had a severe falling out in 1969, shortly before The Beatles called it a day. McCartney and Lennon’s ego, as much as anything, caused the demise of The Beatles. Creative differences, coupled with personal differences stemming from their relationships with their wives (particularly Lennon’s new marriage to Yoko Ono), were not able to be overcome. However, some friendships never die. Perhaps it is not surprising that McCartney and his wife went to visit with Lennon after several years of their friendship being on hiatus? Their reconciliation was short lived, however, as Lennon was murdered in 1980; a tragic end to a legendary friendship and partnership.

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2 Responses to “MUSIC HISTORY CLASS – McCartney and Lennon Meet”

  1. Bill Downey says:

    To add  to the story — that night they were watching SNL there was a skit on the show where they would offer the beatles 3000 dollars to do an appearance — as a joke.  And John and Paul happened to see it — and they almost made a SURPRISE appearance unnannouned on the the show — to collect the money (as a joke back at SNL).  It would have been one for the ages — but John nixed the idea at the last moment.  George would eventually show up on SNL to claim the money — and at the beginning of the show — he’s seen in a skit arguing with the producer — who only wants to give him 750 dollars because he is only 1/4 of the beatles.    And that’s the rest of the story.

    Boston Bill

  2. John would nix the idea haha. Thanks for adding on, Bill! Enlightening.