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You, Me, and Everyone We Know LIVE Studio Stream

Ben Liebsch is back in the studio, working on a new You, Me, and Everyone We Know EP and he wants you there with him! Well, not physically. The studio is rather small. Still, with the power of technology, you can now join Ben in the studio from the comfort of your own home. You […]

LIVE STREAM: Mongol Horde (Frank Turner) Full Live Set

Today thanks to some amazing fan, we are pleased to bring you the first footage of Frank Turner’s new hardcore band Mongol Horde’s first ever show. The recording is surprisingly good, and it’s a really fantastic watch, especially since it’s the entire set. For those who don’t know, Frank Turner recently announced that he has […]

WATCH: Kanye West’s ENTIRE Coachella performance

We’ve been bringing you Coachella footage all weekend, but this clip takes the cake. Click below to stream Kanye West’s ENTIRE performance. If you haven’t done so already, click here to purchase a copy of Kanye’s latest masterpiece, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Paramore respond to Farro brothers

Paramore have finally broken their silence about the comments made last week in an open letter from the Farro brothers to fans. Find out what Hayley and the rest of the band had to say, after the jump!

Jukebox The Ghost live stream tonight

Jukebox The Ghost will be answering your questions and playing material off their new album tonight!