Neck Deep Respond To Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

Another week, another young band accused of inappropriate conversations with minors. Coming off a week that saw them taking the Billboard album charts by storm, UK pop punk band Neck Deep are in hot water after one fan came forward with allegations she engaged in a sexually explicit conversation with member Lloyd Roberts when she […]

Quavo (Migos) Responds To Recent Robbery With “Tha Truth”

A week after being assaulted and robbed following a performance outside our nation’s capital, Migos member Quavo has released a song he hopes will reach those responsible. Here’s what we know to be fact: Last week, Quavo and the rest of Migos were performing in Washington D.C. At the end of the night, Migos were […]

Amanda Palmer Writes a Letter In Response to Sinead O’Connor (In Response to Miley Cyrus)

Yesterday we saw iconic musician Sinead O’Connor write a letter to Miley Cyrus (and then ANOTHER letter) that got a lot of buzz (which you can read here). Now Amanda Palmer has written a response letter to O’Connor, showing gratitude and, of course, disagreeing to some extent. “Do I want a whole generation of teenagers looking […]

Ben Affleck Responds To Batman Casting Criticism: “I’m A Big Boy”

Well done, Jimmy Fallon. You continue to be way cooler than anyone gives you credit. The decision to cast Ben Affleck as Batman in the upcoming sequel to Man Of Steel has been the hottest debate topic for movie and comic book nerds since its announcement a few weeks ago. Seemingly everyone with the ability […]

B.o.B Responds to Kendrick Lamar With “How 2 Rap”

We have a feeling these “Control” responses are going to be a trend for the rest of the week, but promise to keep our coverage in check. If it gets to be a bit much, just say something. Following hot on the heels of the Joell Ortiz track we posted earlier today, B.o.B has responded […]

Kellin Quinn Responds To $80 Polaroid Controversy

Aw man, and we were THIS CLOSE to finishing our list of ‘5 better ways to spend $80 than taking a photo with Kellin Quinn’ article. Oh well… Sleeping With Sirens announced a new tour in the last twenty-four hours, but the story everyone has been talking about has almost nothing to do with live […]

Black Veil Brides Accused Of Using Fake Amps

Forums and social networks are alive and well with Black Veil Brides gossip this morning following a weekend Facebook post from The Bronx/Mariachi El Bronx drummer Jorma Vik. Writing in the description of a new photo upload featuring a band performing with empty/fake amps posted on his personal account, Vik wrote, “A friend of mine […]

Westboro Baptist Church Member Comments On The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Album, Band Responds

Everyone needs a little controversy in their lives, right? Westboro Baptist Church member Steve Drain has sparked an internet firestorm after commenting on The Dillinger Escape Plan’s new album, One of Us Is the Killer. Drain, who is a longtime member of the church (even appearing in the documentary, The Most Hated Family In America), […]

EDITORIAL: Pryde and Prejudice. A Morals and Orals Quarrel

Noisey columnist, Kitty Pryde, has taken the stand in defense of her friend and current tour mate, Danny Brown, on account of “The Thing,” an incident that took place on stage at one of their shows in Minneapolis on Friday, April 26. Danny Brown reportedly had his pants pulled down by a woman in the […]

Blood On The Dance Floor Release New Song; Liken Themselves To Christ & Address Rape Allegations

For a reasonably large segment of our readership, today is celebrated as the day Jesus Christ rose from the grave. Many mark the occasion with church service, while others have a celebration involving rabbits and eggs that makes little to no sense, and this story falls somewhere in the middle. As a gift to fans […]

Rob Felicetti And The Rest Of Patent Pending Release Video Response To Kris Roe Incident

Earlier today, I mentioned how much fun the members of Patent Pending are, and now everyone left on the fence has proof. After a week plagued by Kris Roe’s actions overshadowing the band’s plans to embark on a UK tour with Bowling For Soup, the members of Patent Pending have collaborated on a video response […]

The Ataris Respond to New Jersey Incident

The Ataris have released a video in response to frontman, Kris Roe’s freak out in Asbury Park, NJ the other night. After dismantling his drummer’s drum kit and throwing the pieces at him, Roe continued to bash his band member’s talents and abilities. “That night was an embarrassment to all of us and it was an embarrassment […]