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REVIEW: Nine Inch Nails – ‘Hesitation Marks’

Artist: Nine Inch Nails Album: Hesitation Marks Genre: Alternative rock, industrial, electronic rock Label: Columbia Records “I am just a copy of a copy of a.” What is Trent Reznor trying to sing about? Is he talking about pop music in general? Is he talking about the evolution of sound or film or media in […]

Attention Starved Death Grips Never Planned To Perform At Shows

Death Grips have the “Attention Starved Whores Who Will Do Anything In The Realm Of The Bizarre Of The Year” award clinched. They were supposed to perform at a Lollapalooza aftershow last week, but bailed and had a suicide note put on screen as their music played lightly in the background instead. Yesterday, other promoters […]


AFI Signs Onto Republic Records

You heard it from us, AFI have signed to Republic Records to release their ninth full length album later this fall. The record, which has yet to have been titled, was recorded in Los Angeles’ East West Studios with Gil Norton and Andrew Scheps. For those who haven’t been on the up-and-up with these scene […]

Frank Turner Signs With Interscope

Frank Turner has been the little engine that could of the singer/songwriter world for longer than I care to recall, but as of this morning he’s officially reached new heights. AltPress has exclusively revealed that Turner is now a member of the Interscope Records’ family and will be releasing his upcoming album, Tape Deck Heart, […]

The Weeknd Signs With Universal Republic, Announces “Trilogy” Release

Canada’s The Weeknd has gone major. Even though his name is still fresh on the lips of most music fans, The Weeknd has dominated the blogosphere over the better part of the last two years. His crooning goes into sonic territory that is still largely unexplored by mainstream artists, and this deal could lead to […]

Sam Adams Premieres “Blow Up”

Boston’s Boy Sam Adams has released the lead single for his forthcoming major label debut. “Blow Up” features Sammy going in over a sample of The Pixie’s “Where Is My Mind” with lines about life as a rising artist, chasing dreams, and the like. The bass hits hard and the hook is bound to be […]

Forever The Sickest Nerf Commercial

Want to see a band, beyond the shadow of a doubt, sell out? Check out this new Nerf commercial featuring Forever The Sickest Kids: