Zach Hill

Attention Starved Death Grips Never Planned To Perform At Shows

Death Grips have the “Attention Starved Whores Who Will Do Anything In The Realm Of The Bizarre Of The Year” award clinched. They were supposed to perform at a Lollapalooza aftershow last week, but bailed and had a suicide note put on screen as their music played lightly in the background instead. Yesterday, other promoters […]

Crowd Destroys Equipment After Death Grips Skip Lollapalooza Aftershow, Publish Fan’s Crazy Suicide Note

The Death Grips saga is one of many bizarre turns. The last post we had on the noise hip hop group featured drummer Zach Hill handcuffing himself and playing the drums impressively while cuffed. Last night, Death Grips were slated to play a Lollapalooza aftershow at The Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Instead of performing, Death […]

HOLY SH!T: Watch Zach Hill Drum For Death Grips Handcuffed

File under: things that are beyond impressive. Drum virtuoso Zach Hill has long been known for his insane chops, his outside the box thinking, and for some extended techniques, as well as his work in the deepest corners of the alternative world. His experiences in the math rock of Hella, the noise rap of Death […]

REVIEW: Tera Melos – ‘X’ed Out’

Artist: Tera Melos Album: X’ed Out Genre: Indie Pop, Math Rock Label: Sargent House I had this album for review two weeks before it came out. I listened to it probably close to twenty times in that first week of April, which was an emotionally negative time for me, and I really thought this was […]

WATCH: An Entire Death Grips Concert

Noise rap / hardcore hip hop (that’s accurate, right guys? Right?) band Death Grips have an entire live performance up on Youtube. The forty three minute set is both an insane watch and a good listen, as you would expect from them. I actually can’t stop watching this. They’re just such an odd band on […]

Music video: Zach Hill “Second Life”

Zach Hill releases a bizarre music video for “Second Life” that features Devendra Banhart. View the video after the jump.