“If you can express yourself without hurting others and bring something into this life, well that’s the point of the thing.” We recently had the chance to speak with San Francisco-based Adam Dishart, who goes musically by his solo moniker Books On Fate, a project started after working with his previous band, The Catholic Comb. […]

EDITORIAL: DMX’s ‘It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot’ Turns 15

We talk a lot about nostalgia, but rarely when it comes to the world of hip hop. Aside from our features on Lord Willin and Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” we have been admittedly lacking in our celebration of legendary releases in hip hop. This morning, however, a headline hit me in the face with all the […]

Jeff Hanneman

Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman Died From Alcohol Related Cirrhosis; Band Planning Celebration To Honor Memory

Slayer have revealed that the cause of death for founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman was alcohol related cirrhosis. Read statements from every group member as well as details for when they will be honoring his memory. Hanneman passed away on May 2 at the age of 49. “While the details are being worked out now, Slayer […]

Westboro Baptist Jerks to picket the funeral of Steve Jobs

Guess who is back in the Under the Gun newsfeed? That’s right, The Westboro Baptist Church. These insane “Christians” have announced that they will picket the funeral of the late and great Steve Jobs who recently passed away as a result of pancreatic cancer. The ironic thing of this announcement is the platform (and more […]

Dickhouse tribute to Ryan Dunn

As we all know, Jackass star Ryan “Random Hero” Dunn was killed in a high speed car crash in West Chester, Pennsylvania over a week ago. He was highly intoxicated and took not only his life, but the life of a friend. Regardless, Dunn induced laughing fits across the world with each Jackass appearance. In […]