Prince Shares “Baltimore” Tribute Song

Prince has released his tribute song to the city of Baltimore ahead of his performance at Sunday night’s “Rally 4 Peace” concert at Baltimore’s Royal Farms Arena in Maryland City. According to the song’s Soundcloud page, Prince played all instruments to record a new version of a demo, which also features the vocal talents of […]

Watch Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall Stop Security From Choking Fan Mid-Show

When Australia pop rock outfit Tonight Alive first burst onto the international alternative scene there were some who were quick to call their punk/edge into question. It may say 2015 on our calendars, but for whatever reason there are still trolls hiding in various corners of the planet who do not believe female-led bands can […]

Watch Pussy Riot’s New Video for “Witches of Pussy Riot Clean Manezhka”

The women of Pussy Riot work hard to bring justice to political systems worldwide. Last night, the group shared a new video titled “Witches of Pussy Riot Clean Manezhka” to continue on in that pursuit. The video is a response to Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his brother Oleg being sentenced in an intentionally hurried trial […]

Westboro Baptist Church Releases Parody Of Panic! At The Disco’s “I Write Sins…”

Someone in the Westboro Baptist Church has a love for Panic! At The Disco that cannot be stopped. Westboro Baptist Church, otherwise known as that religious group that believes ‘God hates fags’ and loves to picket events where there is no good reason for protest, have released a parody of Panic! At The Disco’s “I […]

Kanye West’s Kazakhstan Performance Wasn’t “Very Nice”

No, Kanye, not everyone from Kazakhstan is as nice or friendly as Borat, although that may be a hard thing to judge when you’re only seeing dollar signs. The internet has been outspoken today, letting Mr. West know that it wasn’t “very nice” when he performed a private show for the president of Kazakhstan’s grandson’s […]

Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Attila

Just a few days ago, Attila released their fifth full-length, About That Life. While it contains the usual suspects lyrically in the form of sex, drugs, and partying, the album also has a standout track named “Callout” which has been making quite a few waves. As the title implies, the song calls out individuals ranging […]

Widow Of Ol’ Dirty Bastard Files Cease And Desist Against Rock The Bells

The widow of Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard has filed a cease and desist order against Rock The Bells to stop a planned hologram performance from the late rapper. Icelene Jones, who spoke exclusively with HipHopDX, claims she was never approached about the performance even though she alone has the rights to approve whether […]


Instead of writing my usual column this week I decided to talk about the recent visual effects (VFX) situation that came to a head at the Oscars. I hope you find it informative. If you watched the Oscars this weekend you may have noticed something that has turned into kind of a scandal. No, not […]

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) Ripped Off By American Airlines, Ask For Fan Help

Topshelf Records‘ Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) have recently posted on their Facebook page, telling of how they flew to the United Kingdom and twice had their guitar broken by American Airlines. The guitar broke in its flight case once going to England and once going back, and American Airlines has apparently denied […]

Detroit Lions Fans Protest Nickelback Appearance

Football has never played a major role in UTG, but even we can appreciate the rare good season that the Detroit Lions are currently experiencing. The season is going so well in fact, the team has landed a televised game against the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving weekend, which is exactly where our story begins. […]

Westboro Baptist Jerks to picket the funeral of Steve Jobs

Guess who is back in the Under the Gun newsfeed? That’s right, The Westboro Baptist Church. These insane “Christians” have announced that they will picket the funeral of the late and great Steve Jobs who recently passed away as a result of pancreatic cancer. The ironic thing of this announcement is the platform (and more […]

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters Serenade The Westboro Baptist Church

A video is making its’ way around the internet today showing a disguised Foo Fighters serenading the members of the Westboro Baptist Church. According to the description attached to the following video, the members of Foo Fighters decided to have a little fun with members of the WBC after hearing of their plans to protest […]