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MOVIE REVIEW: ’99 Homes’ Is A Thrilling Tale Of Foreclosure

Film: 99 Homes Starring: Michael Shannon, Andrew Garfield Directed by: Ramin Bahrani Combining award-worthy performances with taut, thrilling narrative, 99 Homes is a chilling economic parable that speaks to the deepest fears of every man and woman hoping to provide for their family. Rick Carver (Michael Shannon) is not an evil man, though many believe […]

’99 Homes’ Trailer: Michael Shannon Is A Real Estate Tycoon

If there is one economic story Hollywood has embraced in the last five years it’s the growing number of people who are losing their homes to foreclosure or related non-payment disputes. It’s a harrowing event for anyone to live through, especially those with children, and that translates to great on-screen tension for fictional events. Today, […]

‘Young Ones’ Trailer: Michael Shannon & Elle Fanning Explore Yet Another Dystopian Future

The future is, by all accounts told on the silver screen, a horrible place to live. There are no jobs, poverty is often rampant, and the idea of society as we know it today has long vanished. For whatever reason, people always believe those who exist in the future are doomed to explore vast wastelands […]

‘Young Ones’ Trailer: Michael Shannon, Elle Fanning, And More Fight To Survive The Future

We love Michael Shannon here at UTG. Even when he’s not the star of a film, the sheer fact he’s decided to grace any set with his presence is enough to get our money. Young Ones, which arrives this fall, is his latest work. The future sucks. Okay, maybe that is not a fact, but […]


Movie: Man Of Steel Director: Zack Snyder Studio: Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures, Syncopy A year after wrapping production, Zack Snyder’s take on Superman has finally arrived in theaters with hopes of becoming the next comic book movie to shatter records. It’s the second time in a decade the caped hero has been brought to the screen, and fortunately […]

Michael Shannon Shines As Zod In New ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer

Forget about Ryan Gosling, Michael Shannon is possibly the greatest living actor working today. Those needing proof need only spend a weekend with Take Shelter, The Iceman, and the first two seasons of Boardwalk Empire. Today he finally gets the spotlight in a trailer for what is easily his biggest film to date, and call […]

The Latest ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Shows Zod, Krypton, And More

It seems silly to pretend anyone reading this was unaware of the upcoming film Man Of Steel before clicking this post. Having been consistently marketed to comic fans since about this time last year, the latest efforts to put Superman on the big screen have about as much a hype as any single feature could […]

General Zod Requests The Return Of Superman In ‘Man Of Steel’ Viral Video

The comic book movie to beat in Summer 2013 is undoubtedly Man Of Steel, and this morning a new viral ad for the feature found its way online. Released through various video and social networks by Warner Bros, a message from cryptic General Zod requesting the return of Superman from planet Earth is now available […]