’99 Homes’ Trailer: Michael Shannon Is A Real Estate Tycoon

If there is one economic story Hollywood has embraced in the last five years it’s the growing number of people who are losing their homes to foreclosure or related non-payment disputes. It’s a harrowing event for anyone to live through, especially those with children, and that translates to great on-screen tension for fictional events.

Today, the first trailer for Ramin Bahrani’s 99 Homes arrived online. The film follows a man (Andrew Garfield) who goes to work for the real estate tycoon (Michael Shannon) that recently evicted his family from their home. It’s a strange situation from the jump, and as the trailer reveals things only grow stranger and perhaps more dangerous as time carries on. It’s a little hard to tell where the story may lead, but it’s clear from the footage shown below that the film will likely boast some incredible performances. You can view the trailer at the end of this post.

Broad Green Pictures will finally release 99 Homes in theaters starting September 25, 2015.


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