mimicking birds

Defined By Sonic Residues: A Resonance Of 2014

2014 was a year of polarity. Conflicting forces spinning me in all different directions, fighting to find which molecular force was the strongest. Flipping through the albums that left a mark on me through the entire year, I found that each one presented itself as a singular head-space, an isolated escape. Ranging from a dark […]

EDITORIAL: Songs To Calm An Anxious Mind

It was a complete depersonalization and increasing dehumanization. Nothing was real, for everything that was real was hastily slipping away. I began to think of my family, and how they would react once I was gone. I was soon replaying the last conversations we had in my mind, as if I could somehow justify our […]

REVIEW: Mimicking Birds – ‘EONS’

Artist: Mimicking Birds Album: EONS Genre: Indie Label: Glacial Pace It has been four years since Mimicking Birds‘ last release, and beyond any type of collected thought or insight I could surmise within the parameters of my keyboard, nothing will be as effective as getting my love for this album across to you besides simply […]

Mimicking Birds Stream New Album, ‘EONS’

Mimicking Birds’ wonderful new LP, EONS, is streaming over at Stereogum. The band will release their sophomore LP on May 13 through Glacial Pace Records, a label run by Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock. Following up on their 2010 debut, Mimicking Birds, the band has wonderfully expanded their soundscapes, bringing a higher essence of ambiance to […]