Defined By Sonic Residues: A Resonance Of 2014

2014 was a year of polarity. Conflicting forces spinning me in all different directions, fighting to find which molecular force was the strongest. Flipping through the albums that left a mark on me through the entire year, I found that each one presented itself as a singular head-space, an isolated escape. Ranging from a dark […]

AFI DOCS: Festival Recap

Here at UTG we had the opportunity to attend AFI Docs, one of the premiere documentary film festivals in the country. While we could not see every single film, we had the opportunity to catch a lot of really fantastic stories that talked of social change and gave insight into topics that we may not normally get […]

The Dangerous Summer Release New Non-Album Track

After releasing two incredible full length albums in the past, Dangerous Summer fans and critics are waiting in anticipation for the release of their new album. AbsolutePunk reports that the band began teasing the album by releasing an instrumental non-album track, entitled “Hemingway,” via their SoundCloud page. The instrumental track contains a vocal sample during […]