NEEDTOBREATHE Tease ‘Tour De Compadres,’ Reveal Support

NEEDTOBREATHE toured heavily throughout the second half of 2014, and though they’ve started the new year on a quiet note they will soon be on the road again. We have no dates yet, but we can confirm the band will soon reveal the routing for a US outing dubbed ‘Tour De Compadres.’ We also know […]

Long Read: 9 Songs From 2014 That Changed My Life

We’re getting fairly deep into December at this point, which means every publication and internet personality who considers themselves someone of influence are doing their best to craft clickbait worthy lists of the best things 2014 had to offer. Most of these features are crafted by a team of people pouring over scores and arguing […]

Fastest Finger Contest: Needtobreathe In Boston (9/26/14)

Hello, music fans! It has been a minute since we had any great ticket giveaways on UTG, but over the next month that will begin to change as we have partnered with our friends at Warner Music Group to make your fall far more exciting. This week, we are thrilled to offer a pair of […]

NEEDTOBREATHE Keep It Simple With “More Heart, Less Attack”

The eleventh and final song off NEEDTOBREATHE‘s forthcoming album has found its way online, thus completing the band’s multi-month promotional run towards the release of Rivers In The Wasteland. Titled “More Heart, Less Attack,” the final cut off Rivers feels like it could very quickly gain traction at alternative radio stations across the nation. It’s […]

NEEDTOBREATHE Stream “Brother”

Before today, nine of the eleven songs from NEEDTOBREATHE‘s upcoming album Rivers In The Wasteland had found their way online through various premieres and video releases. This morning, track ten came online, and once again we’re blown away by North Carolina’s most exciting rock band. We have written at length about NEEDTOBREATHE’s desire to return […]

NEEDTOBREATHE Stream “Multiplied”

Every time NEEDTOBREATHE have spoken to the press recently they have commented on a desire to return to their roots with the release of Rivers In The Wasteland, which means a return to songs best performed unplugged, with lyrics that could sometimes double for Sunday morning worship. Such is the case with “Multiplied,” and it […]

NEEDTOBREATHE Debut “Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now”

The countdown to Rivers In The Wasteland continues this afternoon with the release of yet another new song from NEEDTOBREATHE. HitFix is the latest site to join the promotional fun, and earlier today they aided NEEDTOBREATHE in sharing “Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now” with the world. It’s the fourth song to surface off Rivers In […]

NEEDTOBREATHE Return To Religious Roots With “Wasteland”

It is no secret that NEEDTOBREATHE cut their teeth in the Christian market before crossing over into the alternative mainstream, but many of the group’s more recent recordings have approached their relationship with faith in less direct ways. Mentions of God and Jesus became references to hope and salvation, which allowed the band to share […]

NEEDTOBREATHE Release Moving Video For “The Heart”

The countdown to NEEDTOBREATHE‘s new album continues this afternoon with the release of the group’s official video for “The Heart.” An acoustic offering that takes the band and their sound back to the very beginning, “The Heart” reminds us of NEEDTOBREATHE’s roots while boldly taking a giant leap forward in terms of mood. The Reckoning […]

Required Listening: NEEDTOBREATHE – “Drive All Night” (Live At The Ryman)

NEEDTOBREATHE love their fans. In addition to maintaining constant contact through social networks and newsletters, they begin every month by offering members of their official fan club free live tracks recorded over the last several years of touring. These recordings would otherwise never see the light of day, and a lot of the time never […]

NEEDTOBREATHE Release ‘Live from Austin City Limits’ EP Via Noisetrade

NEEDTOBREATHE are gearing up to travel the country on their Rivers In The Wasteland album release tour, and to further promote the run they’ve partnered with Noisetrade to offer fans a brand new live EP. Released via Noisetrade in the early hours of Thursday, Live from Austin City Limits features four new live recordings from […]

Required Listening: NEEDTOBREATHE – “State I’m In”

NEEDTOBREATHE have continually surprised us thus far in 2014. Their last several albums have been laced with tales of sadness, but everything released in promotion for the forthcoming album Rivers In The Wasteland has been decidedly more light-hearted. Call it a new outlook, or maybe just a desire to try something different, but either way […]