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jernigan 2015

UTG PREMIERE: Jernigan – “Minor Arcana”

Harnessing a strong essence of ’90s punk rock, Jernigan are a wrecking ball breaking into the alternative scene. Their brand new song, “Minor Arcana,” which comes directly off their new record My Minor Arcana, is a strong release from a band ready to make a splash in the punk world. The song, which evokes massive […]

Cautioners premiere Spineless via under the gun

UTG PREMIERE: Cautioners – “Spineless”

New York-based punk rock band Cautioners are writing music that is both abrasive and melodic — catchy and powerful. The band, which is set to release their debut LP Dead Ends on March 24, contain just the right amount of poise to be the next best thing to come out of the alternative scene. The […]