UTG PREMIERE: Cautioners – “Spineless”

Cautioners premiere Spineless via under the gun

New York-based punk rock band Cautioners are writing music that is both abrasive and melodic — catchy and powerful. The band, which is set to release their debut LP Dead Ends on March 24, contain just the right amount of poise to be the next best thing to come out of the alternative scene. The band’s newest song off of Dead Ends, titled “Spineless,” is a hard-hitting track set to light up VFW floors from coast to coast.

The band’s new record was produced by the highly-acclaimed producer Will Yip (Title Fight, Polar Bear Club). Yip had this to say about the track:

“The music hits a lot harder and it’s written like just good rock songs. To me it’s a whole different band headed into a completely different future that I didn’t even see on the last record. I think now their attitude and their respect for the music, the respect for their own instruments, the songwriting and the craft, is so much greater than I ever thought it could be.”

Cautioners guitarist Matt O’Rourke also had this to say about the track:

While we were writing this album, we didn’t really leave anything off the table. We explored everything that we came up with. When we finished Spineless it was like taking a step back and appreciating the versatility that the four of us have together.”

Listen to an exclusive stream of “Spineless” below, where you’ll also find the track listing of Dead Ends, due out March 24. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Dead Ends Track Listing:
01 All I See
02 Cut Me Off
03 Shallow Grave
04 Caving In
05 Leech
06 I Won’t Wait
07 Skeletons
08 Confined
09 Spineless
10 Nowhere Bound
11 Empty Hands
12 Lost Cause

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