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John Mayer Paradise Valley featured

John Mayer Debuts “Wildfire”

Modern rock icon John Mayer is letting his country side show with the release of his latest single, “Wildfire.” Released to coincide with the launch of preorders for his forthcoming album, “Wildfire” is the second song off Paradise Valley to surface in as many months. Like “Paper Doll” it debuts alongside a cinematic lyric video, […]

John Mayer Paradise Valley featured

SINGLE REVIEW: John Mayer – “Paper Doll”

Today, John Mayer did an odd thing. That is to say, John Mayer did something I didn’t expect from him with a few elements that made it strange. See, after years of TMZ interactions, a failed television program featuring Dave Chappelle, and several unforgettable interviews, it seemed to me that John Mayer was settling down. […]

John Mayer - 2012

John Mayer Debuts “Paper Doll”

John Mayer has never been a performer to rush the creative process. In fact, his career has proven he seems to not care how long passes between releases as long as the quality doesn’t slip. With that in mind, it seems Mayer must be bursting with inspiration, because just this morning we learned he has […]