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PRODUCT REVIEW: Spigen SGP Slim Armour Galaxy S4 Case

The Spigen SGP Slim Armour case is everything it should and needs to be. It’s light-weight with a sleek design and it protects my Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as I wanted it to with its dual layer body. This Spigen Slim Armour case is affordable ($20-$25) in regards to the average price point among […]

PRODUCT REVIEW: ZeroShock 17.3″ Laptop Case

This is like the Cadillac of laptop cases. It’s big, comfortable and luxurious. I feel very assured that my laptop is safe and secure inside the briefcase-style ZeroShock. It’s high quality and stylish. We’re a perfect match. The normal retail price looks to be roughly $80.00 which seems pretty pricey for a laptop case but […]

PRODUCT REVIEW: RHA MA450i Noise Isolating Aluminum Earphones

Much like the review we did on the Canon 300EG custom gadget bag, product reviews here on UTG are a rarity, but when it comes to something relevant to our needs and practical uses, we can obviously make an exception. We were recently presented with a pair of the sleek RHA MA450i Noise Isolating Aluminum […]

PRODUCT REVIEW: Canon 300EG Custom Gadget Bag

As you may have noticed, this review is slightly out of the norm in regards to our usual array of opinions and critiques. However, we were recently presented with a product via LoveCases (based out of the UK) that had much relevance to our photography team, and turned out to be rather convenient as well. […]