PRODUCT REVIEW: Canon 300EG Custom Gadget Bag

As you may have noticed, this review is slightly out of the norm in regards to our usual array of opinions and critiques. However, we were recently presented with a product via LoveCases (based out of the UK) that had much relevance to our photography team, and turned out to be rather convenient as well. The Canon 300EG custom gadget bag is an impressively made little carrier bag and it’s just right for a standard DSLR body, lens kit, and extra accessories. It’s currently holding my Canon EOS Rebel T4i with 18-135mm IS STM lens, battery charger, camera strap, instruction booklet, and extra SD cards – with room to spare.

The construction and materials used for the bag seem top-notch. It’s extremely well padded for comfortability and protection of its contents. It’s made out of a tough nylon material which is water repellent and adds to its sleek design. The inside has padded compartments to accommodate your camera body, lens, and other equipment. The only minor issue here is trying to decide which way to arrange your pieces amongst the provided compartments as the opening to the bag itself isn’t very large and leaves you with little room to maneuver your gear inside. Overall though, I feel safe knowing that my camera equipment is secure in this genuine Canon pack.

The bag contains easy-snap straps to secure it around your body which also makes it easy to access your camera and accessories while on the go. This I imagine is the primary function of this backpack. I’ve read a lot of complaints about the bag’s size being inconvenient for holding a lot of equipment but if you see the bag in person or have an idea of its dimensions (roughly 14″ x 8″ x 5″), then you should know exactly what you’re getting it for. To me, this bag is ideal for quick travel situations where you’re bringing one DSLR and accessories along for shooting. There is also an added (removable) compartment that you can put your phone, MP3 player, or other camera accessories in. It has a rubber headphone output on this added pouch as well. On top of that, there’s a mesh side pocket for even more accessories or a water bottle (or something similar). As the bag is water repellent, having a bottle in the side pocket will be of no worry. As previously mentioned, these features make it exemplary for hiking, trailblazing, and adventuring while taking photos along the way.

This gadget bag goes for £49.99 (roughly $75) which seems quite pricey for a smaller bag but the quality is worth it. I’ve worn the bag a handful of times now (packed with equipment) and I think the small size is convenient and very comfortable, contrary to other reviews I’ve come across. It’s not bulky and extraneous. It feels fine and it feels secure which I appreciate. The bag has been referred to as “girly” and I just feel that it, of course, comes down to preference. I personally don’t mind the size as it works very well for my photography needs.

SCORE: 9.5/10

Review written by: Brian Lion – Follow him on Twitter

Brian Leak
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