Puig Destroyer

A Musical Journey Through The Year 2014

2014. What a whirlwind of a year it has been. My life was changing in both my professional and personal life so quickly it was at the point where my physical body couldn’t keep up (I may have gained a few pounds along the way). And now the year has come to a close. Along […]

The Year of Rediscovery: Corey From’s End of the Year List

This year has been an interesting one for me, as far as music goes. I had an awakening. In one sense, it was weird, because as a late bloomer in the music scene, 2003-2004 were some prime years for me in developing my tastes. So to have artists like Coheed & Cambria, Midtown, blink-182, etc. […]

REVIEW: Puig Destroyer – ‘Puig Destroyer’

Artist: Puig Destroyer Album: Puig Destroyer Genre: Grindcore Label: No Sleep Records The 2014 baseball postseason is here! From the reigning champion Boston Red Sox not making it this year to the Kansas City Royals making the playoffs for the first time in 29 years, anything can happen in the game of baseball. That is […]

Puig Destroyer Stream Baseball-Themed “Batflip”

The baseball season is slowly coming to an end and teams are fighting to the “grind” to either be on top of their respective division or for the last wild card spot before the postseason begins. With this being said, Puig Destroyer are streaming another song today off their self-titled debut that is all about […]

Puig Destroyer Stream “No One Cares About Your Fantasy Team”

With the baseball season nearing its end, grindcore/baseball mogul-filled band Puig Destroyer released another song today. Premiering on Deadspin, the track is called “No One Cares About Your Fantasy Team” and it’s a blazing 48-second song literally about no one caring about your fantasy team. The track is part of a twenty-song slew of baseball-related […]

Puig Destroyer Announce Debut Full-Length Album, Stream “Mike Trout”

Baseball season has about a month and a half left, with the playoffs slowly but surely approaching. With this being said, grindcore baseball-themed band Puig Destroyer will be releasing a debut full-length album that is about none other than, you guessed it…baseball. The band, including members Riley Breckinridge (Thrice), Ian Miller & John Howell (Kowloon […]

Riley Breckenridge Posts New Puig Destroyer Tracks

If you’ve been keeping up with the members of Thrice and what they’re doing now, you’ve certainly heard of Riley Breckenridge and his involvement with Puig Destroyer; one intense, loud, almost thrash-filled project that’s as entertaining as it is terrifying. It’s quite the departure from Thrice, but that’s half of the fun. With every track […]

STREAM: Puig Destroyer – “Stop Fucking Bunting”

Puig Destroyer (featuring members of Thrice, Curl Up And Die, and Kowloon Walled City) are a baseball-themed grindcore band that does not mess around. They partnered up with our buds over at Absolutepunk.net to premiere their 57-second track “Stop Fucking Bunting” and can be heard through the link provided. Get ready for insanity to explode […]

Thrice’s Riley Breckenridge Starts A Baseball-Themed Grindcore Band

If there can be a whole genre dedicated to video games, then why not America’s favorite pastime? Well that was probably the thought process of Thrice’s Riley Breckenridge when he started Puig Destroyer. Breckenridge is joined by Mike Minnick (Curl Up & Die), Ian Miller and John Howel (Kowloon Walled City) for this band that’s […]