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Craig Owens Opens Up About Recording New Album With Chiodos

In case you missed the news, Chiodos are currently in the studio working on their next full length album. Excitingly enough for fans, this new album has the band’s original vocalist, Craig Owens, back on the front lines. When they first got back together they had no intention of writing a new album. However, as […]

kevin devine

Kevin Devine & Andy Hull Release Details About Upcoming LPs

In a recent interview with Property Of Zack, Kevin Devine and Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra, Bad Books) spoke in depth about their bands, their past and upcoming plans for the future as musicians. Kevin Devine has confirmed that he will start recording a new full length album March 11, and then will start work on […]

Blinkumentary Trailer 2

The upcoming documentary on Blink 182, referred to by most as the Blinkumentary, has a second teaser trailer. See it below: