Kevin Devine & Andy Hull Release Details About Upcoming LPs

kevin devine

In a recent interview with Property Of Zack, Kevin Devine and Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra, Bad Books) spoke in depth about their bands, their past and upcoming plans for the future as musicians.

Kevin Devine has confirmed that he will start recording a new full length album March 11, and then will start work on a second LP April 14. Manchester Orchestra will also be hitting the studio on March 11 to begin recording their fourth full length album. Additionally, MO will be releasing a split with Grouplove, and a second split with Frightened Rabbit. More details on all of those releases to come in the near future.

Andy Hull opens up about Manchester Orchestra hitting a brick wall on touring/being a band and how they overcame that obstacle. You can read a snippet of a quote from Andy regarding his state of mind at one point when the band was at a low:

I told our booking agent Andrew, we played Coachella in April and I wasn’t totally recovered on being burnt out. There were like ten thousand people to see us play, and the entire set all I was thinking was, “This is probably the last time we’ll play to this many people again. This is probably it.” I remember telling Andrew and he was like, “How horrible. How unbelievably depressing is that?” We’d be playing Coachella in front of ten thousand people.

To read the entire interview (be prepared, it’s pretty lengthy but worth it!) head right here.

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