First ‘Deadpool’ Trailers Are Basically A Fan’s Wet Dream

The wait is over. A little over a year after unreleased test footage of a long-shelved Deadpool film leaked online, 20th Century Fox has released the first official trailer for the movie the internet demanded they create. Deadpool is known by some as Wade Wilson, a mercenary who chooses to join the Weapon-X program after […]

First ‘Spy’ Trailer Turns Melissa McCarthy Into James Bond

Having grossed over $500 million worldwide between their work on Bridesmaids and The Heat, Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy have joined forces once more for a new action-comedy titled Spy. I hate to be the guy who says if you’ve seen one Melissa McCarthy film you have more or less seen them all, but Spy […]

‘Adventures In The Sin Bin’ Trailer Finds Bo Burnham Helping Nerds Get Laid

With parents and siblings at home all hours of the day, it can be incredibly difficult to find a little time for romance with your high school sweetheart. That is, unless you have a friend with a van. Bo Burnham is a rare breed of celebrity. He’s one of the very few YouTube sensations to […]

Red Band ‘Hell Baby’ Trailer Is Pure Awesome

Horror comedy is hard. For every one Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil that comes along there are a dozen lazy efforts made attempting to cash in on people’s love of parodies. We’ve had two soul-sucking films attemp to succeed in this genre already in 2013 (A Haunted House and Scary Movie 5), but this fall […]

DON’T WATCH IT ALONE: A New ‘Hatchet III’ Trailer Has Arrived

Victor Crowley is alive and well, dear readers, and he does not plan on going anywhere anytime soon. A new, bloody-as-can-be trailer for Hatchet III has found its way online ahead of the film’s Summer release. This one has it all: Scares, thrills, chills, laughs, and oh yea, BUCKETS OF BLOOD. Kane Hodder returns as […]

Anna Kendrick and John Francis Daley Battle Craig Robinson In First ‘Rapturepalooza’ Trailer

December 21, 2012 came and went with a slew of films conquering the topic of armageddon following in tow, but Anna Kendrick’s upcoming comedy proves there are still a few jokes left to be made about the end of times. Hitting select theaters and VOD May 10, Rapturepalooza stars Anna Kendrick and John Francis Daley […]

WATCH: The Red Band Trailer For “Sinister” Has Arrived

Insidious was a box office success that divided many horror hounds and in 2012 it looks like the Scott Derrickson-directed Sinister will do the same. The film follows Ethan Hawke as a true crime novelist struggling to find his next big story. Along the way, he discovers a box of home videos showing other families […]

HOLY SH!T: The Trailer for “VHS” Has Arrived

Cinephiles rejoice! After months of teasing from the festival circuit, the official trailer for VHS has been released. Following a group of thieves hired to recover a single video tape from a large mansion who discover they’re in for far more than they bargained for, VHS is a one-of-a-kind found footage epic. You can view […]


No matter what level of cinephile you are, I think it is safe to assume everyone has heard of Channing Tatum’s forthcoming turn as a leading man in Magic Mike. Otherwise referred to around the UTG offices as “that stripper flick,” Magic Mike portrays a young male dance with aspirations beyond his current circumstances, which […]

MOVIE TRAILER: The Five-Year Engagement (Redband)

Just a week ahead of the film’s official release, a redband trailer for The Five-Year Engagement has appeared online. Providing us two minutes of almost entirely new footage, the redband trailer for The Five-Year Engagement gets naughty without ever being dirty. It’s clear the original trailers only scratched the surface of a much bigger plot […]

MOVIE TRAILER: Ted (From The Creator Of “Family Guy”)

Mark Wahlberg is taking his first bow as a comedic lead in this Summer’s Ted. Written by (and co-starring) Seth MacFarlane, Ted follows a man and his stuffed animal best friend that happens to be alive. When Mark Wahlberg’s character was a child, he wanted his stuff animal Ted to come alive, and he did, […]


We are less than two days away from the release of The Grey and anyone still left on the fence is about to be won over with the film’s brand new red band trailer. Released yesterday, the red band trailer for The Grey features never-before-seen footage from the upcoming Liam Neeson thriller, including some bloody […]