Ruff Ryders

Ruff Ryders Avoid Their Taxes

Ruff Ryders, the Yonkers-based record label, reportedly owes more than $1 million for plastering NYC with 3,400 illegal posters. According the the NY Daily News the label has been cited as one of New York City’s greatest tax offenders. Finance Commissioner David Frankel recently announced intentions to collect from the label. Ruff Ryders, which started […]

DMX Uncuffed

According to, DMX is about to get released from prison, which sounds about right because this flyer has been circulating around the Internet for the past few days. The flyer is the closest thing you’ll ever see to a rapper begging for work. DMX is a multiplatinum selling rapper…who is jobless. Haha. Check out […]

Murda Mook inks new deal with Double R

Here is a surprising move that was made that caught me off guard. According to, rapper Murda Mook—legendary freestyle battle rapper—has signed a deal with Ruff Ryders. The details are yet to be disclosed. Check out the full article: Harlem, New York rapper Murda Mook has inked a recording deal with Ruff Ryders Entertainment, […]