Swizz Beatz Owes Over $2 Million In Unpaid Taxes

I feel like almost every week I read about another celebrity who has somehow avoided paying taxes to an extent so great they are now facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, so take this post as the latest reminder that no one escape Uncle Sam, even the famous. TMZ is reporting this morning […]

Ruff Ryders Avoid Their Taxes

Ruff Ryders, the Yonkers-based record label, reportedly owes more than $1 million for plastering NYC with 3,400 illegal posters. According the the NY Daily News the label has been cited as one of New York City’s greatest tax offenders. Finance Commissioner David Frankel recently announced intentions to collect from the label. Ruff Ryders, which started […]

Dame Dash busted for selling liquor without a license

Hip-hop pioneer Dame Dash is in huge trouble with NYC law. Dash and his associates have been accused, on six counts, of storing and selling alcoholic beverages without a license through his art gallery, DD172. His four-story building is also used as a photography/ recording studio and rehearsal/ performance space for a number of indie […]

Young Buck raided by the IRS

According to the Nashville News, Young Buck is facing some jail time for federal charges when his house was raided by the IRS earlier this morning. He is currently a convicted felon that was in possession of a firearm and ammunition. Read more by clicking the link provided.