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Raz Simone shows his versatility on “Missin Joogs”

Rapper Raz Simone has teamed up with XXL to premiere “Missin Joogs,” a killer new single that displays his wealth of artistic versatility. Featuring live recordings from a guitarist, trumpeter, and violinist, the song has layers of sound after gorgeous sound for Simone to accentuate his flow. Its hook is where Simone truly shines, though, […]

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Release “White Walls” Video

Doing their absolute best to keep their reign atop the pop charts in tact, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have released the official video for their latest Heist single, “White Walls.” By now it should be clear that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis do everything in their power to create videos that stand out from the vast […]

Friday Party Anthem: Macklemore x Ryan Lewis – “Can’t Hold Us” (SFG Remix)

You would have to live a life void entirely of pop culture to not know who the team of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are at this point. Since early January, this creative duo have dominated radio with a pair of impressive singles, and the latter of the two has finally been given a proper remix. […]

Tegan And Sara Perform “Same Love” With Macklemore

Welcome to Monday, everyone. We are trying to ease into the new work week and hope you’ll join us for a little early morning entertainment. Macklemore has spent the majority of 2013 sitting atop the charts, and his latest single “Same Love,” seems poised to keep that reign in tact a bit longer. While performing […]

Like Vultures Cover “Thrift Shop”

The jury is still out on whether or not another Punk Goes Pop will surface this year, but we knew a cover of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ inescapable hit “Thrift Shop” would surface eventually. As far as we can tell, Washington metalcore act Like Vultures are the first to claim dibs on the track, and […]

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Debut “Stay At Home Dad”

The most popular duo of 2013 has returned to UTG headlines with a new song released in honor of Father’s Day. Set against the kind of easy going beat that makes weekends feel like they could last forever, “Stay At Home Dad” is a chill track celebrating the life of a dad who spends his […]

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Perform “Can’t Hold Us” Live At BBC Radio 1′s Big Weekend

BBC Radio 1 held its annual Big Weekend festival over the weekend. We were not able to go, but thanks to a series of videos popping up online this morning we are able to partake in the highlights of the event. One performance was so good it simply needed to be shared, and here we […]

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Perform “Thrift Shop” (Live At 2013 Billboard Music Awards)

If you were out living life or simply don’t give much thought to the world of late-Spring awards shows, there is a decent chance you went through yesterday without watching the Billboard Music Awards. We can admit to not watching ourselves, but this morning we were quick to review the show for any highlights worth […]

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” Goes Quadruple Platinum

C’est incroyable. No matter how you feel about the recorded output of Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, or Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the runaway success of their breakthrough single “Thrift Shop” is undeniable. Don’t believe me? I’ve got about four million pieces of evidence to back up my case. According to Chart News, a Twitter account that aggregates and regurgitates […]

Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Appear On The Late Show

Dynamic (platinum) duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are making their way around the late night television scene and stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman. They performed their collaborative song “Can’t Hold Us,” which is off of the album The Heist. Always a bunch of energy whenever these two hit the stage. Pick up […]

Macklemore Releases Statement on Michigan Teacher Suspension and Homosexuality

Recently, a South Lyon, Michigan teacher was suspended without pay for allowing a student to play a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song entitled “Same Love”, which promotes equality and acceptance for homosexuals. Macklemore has released a statement about the incident on his website. Read the statement below, and for those who are still trying to catch […]

STREAM: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Same Love”

Rapper Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have teamed up yet again to deliever serious fire with their latest pro-gay anthem “Same Love” and is extremely powerful. Check out what Macklemore had to say about the orgin of the song and what he plans to accomplish with it. “This song, which I wrote in April, is a […]