Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” Goes Quadruple Platinum

ryan lewis macklemore

C’est incroyable.

No matter how you feel about the recorded output of MacklemoreRyan Lewis, or Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the runaway success of their breakthrough single “Thrift Shop” is undeniable. Don’t believe me? I’ve got about four million pieces of evidence to back up my case.

According to Chart News, a Twitter account that aggregates and regurgitates airplay and sales information from Billboard, Nielsen, and BDD, among other sources, “Thrift Shop” went quadruple platinum this past week.

These sales figures come on the heels of a Saturday Night Live performance from the duo this past weekend. Downloads aren’t the only units the pair are moving, either. In its twelfth week of release, their debut album The Heist sits pretty at number 11 on the Billboard Album chart. The success for the hip-hop team is all the more remarkable when taking into the account the whole, “they’re an unsigned, totally independent act” thing.

Who knew that a song about questionable fashion and shrewd budgeting would tap so deeply into the zeitgeist?

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