Scott Storch

Scott Storch Wanted By Florida Police

According to TMZ, famed producer Scott Storch is once again in trouble with the law. He is currently wanted by the Florida police for failing to pay $28,000 in child support, a missed court appearance, and skipping a $4,000 bill at a Beverly Hills hotel. UTG will keep you updated on the latest happenings of […]

Scott Storch Grand Theft Auto Charge Dismissed

Scott Storch’s grand theft auto charge was recently dismissed. Storch was accused of stealing a leased Bentley earlier this year by luxury dealership, Atlas Leasing in Florida. The company pressed charges against the super producer, after they claimed he failed to return a 2004 Bentley Flying Spur, seven months past the due date. Storch on […]

Scott Storch gets reality show

What do you do when you get in a huge money bind? Start a reality show! Check it out: Scott Storch has signed a deal with reality show giants Bunin/Murray for his own reality show. The show will give an introspective look into the life of this dynamic and incredible talent. The show will also […]