Scott Storch Grand Theft Auto Charge Dismissed

Scott Storch’s grand theft auto charge was recently dismissed.

Storch was accused of stealing a leased Bentley earlier this year by luxury dealership, Atlas Leasing in Florida. The company pressed charges against the super producer, after they claimed he failed to return a 2004 Bentley Flying Spur, seven months past the due date.

Storch on the other hand plead not guilty in April and now his lawyer Bradford Cohen says the case has been thrown out, due to a technicality. Apparently the hitmaker, who was facing five years behind bars for the charges, did not receive the proper written warning.

“You have to give seven days notice prior to filing a police report,” Cohen explained about the Florida law. “The notice that was sent to him was dated September 2 and the police report was filed September 9, but the letter actually went out in October. So I essentially discussed the failure to adhere to the notice requirement and I also discussed the fact that the car wasn’t in his possession at the time that it was to be returned.“

Cohen confirmed the rumors that the Bentley in question, was a gift Storch gave to then girlfriend Lil’ Kim. “He gave them the address for Lil Kim or someone in his camp gave [them] Kim Jones’s address where the car was located. And he said ‘I don’t have the car, I would give it back to you if I had it, here’s where it is.’’

In addition, Cohen argued that Storch did not owe the company any money for the car. “He leased the car in ‘04. Gave $51,000 down, leased it for like $4,200 a month for the next 37 months. So essentially his payments were like $199,000 dollars. The car’s value was $200,000. So they were made whole anyways and when they recovered the car they ended up selling the car for like $150-160,000 and they essentially made like double the value of the car. That wasn’t the reason they dismissed the case but they took all of that into consideration.”

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