self titled ep

Stream Like Pacific’s New Self-Titled EP

Pure Noise Records’ new band Like Pacific are dropping their their self-titled EP tomorrow, January 20, but is available for streaming now on Alternative Press. This taste of Like Pacific’s sound is jam-packed with explosive pop-punk sounds and unforgettable energy. Stream the EP below and let us know what you think. If you enjoy what […]

REVIEW: Too Close To Touch – ‘Too Close To Touch’ EP

Artist: Too Close To Touch Album: Too Close To Touch EP Genre: Post Hardcore Label: Epitaph Records Ladies and gents, prepare yourself for the arrival of an exciting newcomer in the post-hardcore scene: Lexington, Kentucky’s Too Close To Touch. The 5-piece assembly from the birthplace of Emarosa have recently announced their signing to Epitaph Records […]

REVIEW: Dead Leaves – ‘Dead Leaves’ EP

Artist: Dead Leaves Album: Dead Leaves EP Genre: Emo, Pop-Punk, Alternative It’s been a few years since the hey-day of Ohio’s cult-favorite pop-punk band, Call It Fiction — an emo-tinged group that pumped out some seriously catchy tunes from the Midwest back in 2010. The band’s EP, Something I’ve Never Felt, was a smash hit […]

Twin Forks

ALBUM STREAM: Twin Forks – ‘Self-Titled EP’

Twin Forks, Chris Carrabba’s folk infused pet project featuring members of both The Narrative and Bad Books, have made their debut EP available to stream thanks to the good people at Billboard. Though initially formed because Carrabba “needed a break from Dashboard,” Twin Forks has snowballed into a hearty, stand-alone act with a continually growing […]

REVIEW: Maker – Self Titled EP

Artist: Maker Album: Maker Genre: Indie Punk To be quite honest, it had been some time since I had last listened to Maker prior to the new EP. After my first listen I was convinced the band I was listening to was a different band than I had remembered. However, I was wrong; it was […]

UTG PREMIERE: Maker – “I Had To Put My Lady Down”

Massachusetts’ Maker have undergone quite a few sonic changes over the years, and it seems they’ve finally settled into a sound fitting of their struggle on their latest, self-titled, EP. While fans of the band will have to wait until November 13 to hear the full extent of this new found sound, listeners can get […]