MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Drunk Wedding’ Offers Cheap POV Laughs

Film: Drunk Wedding Starring: Nick P. Ross, J.R. Ramirez Directed by: Nick Weiss Having suffered through well over a decade of increasingly mindless found footage horror that is typically far too shaky for most audiences to thoroughly enjoy, Drunk Wedding has arrived as proof that POV filmmaking can also be funny. If there was ever […]

HOLY SH*T: “The Bay” Gives Found Footage A Horrifying New Twist

After a decade-plus of shakycam flicks, I am sure I am not the only one who feels like they have seen it all. From creepy trees, to bigfoot, trolls, ghosts, locked asylums, distorted demons, and doors closing themselves, if you can name it – it’s been done (to varying degrees of success). However, a new […]