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‘Spring’ Trailer: The Girl Of Your Dreams Is More Than Meets The Eye

Death has a funny way of making the living realize everything they are doing in their own lives is probably a mistake. Maybe it’s the fact that the death of anyone reminds us of our own impending doom, or maybe it’s because we suddenly understand how precious time actually is, but whatever the case death […]

James Murphy to Score Noah Baumbach’s ‘While We’re Young,’ Starring Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock

Indie darling Noah Baumbach’s (Greenberg, Frances Ha) films have often represented a beautiful marriage of film and music and his latest, While We’re Young, looks to take that relationship even further. Not only will the project reunite Baumbach with LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy, who previously scored the 2010 gem Greenberg, but it will also […]

Woody Allen Is A Pimp (Literally) In First ‘Fading Gigolo’ Trailer

Tuesdays are usually a day reserved for celebrating new releases, but in this post we’re going to pine over something most of us won’t be able to enjoy until 2014. The Toronto International Film Festival is quickly approaching, and it seems every other day another trailer for a film premiering at the world-renowned event finds […]

Here Is Your First Look At Andre 3000 As Jimi Hendrix In ‘All Is By My Side’

After what feels like a year of promotion, the first image of OutKast member Andre Benjamin, AKA Andre 3000, as legendary musician Jimi Hendrix for the upcoming All Is By My Side has surfaced online. Debuting on the official website of the Toronto International Film Festival, which will host the film’s world premiere later this […]

HOLY SH*T: “The Bay” Gives Found Footage A Horrifying New Twist

After a decade-plus of shakycam flicks, I am sure I am not the only one who feels like they have seen it all. From creepy trees, to bigfoot, trolls, ghosts, locked asylums, distorted demons, and doors closing themselves, if you can name it – it’s been done (to varying degrees of success). However, a new […]