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REVIEW: Maniac – Mania

For those of us who cried ourselves to sleep when The Matches parted ways, Maniac is here to help. Comprised of Matches’ mastermind Shawn Harris and Something With Numbers’ Jake Grigg, Maniac have just enough hipster cred and overflowing creativity to actually stand a chance in today’s music scene. Does this mean their debut album, Mania, is on you should own? Click through to find out!

Maniac Debut New EP

The Matches’ Shawn Harris and Jake Grigg of Something With Numbers have formed a new group called Maniac, and have released new EP called ‘Extended Play’ and can be heard after the jump!

Vinyl Run

Maniac, featuring Shawn Harris of The Matches, have pressed a limited-run vinyl of Extended Play. Click here to grab a copy.

Shawn Harris discusses the end of The Matches

Shawn Harris, former vocalist and guitarist for The Matches, just did an interview with Alternative Press Magazine in which he discusses the end of the band and his new project, Maniac. Read it HERE. You’d known for a couple months before you made the announcement, so the information was so much newer to your friends […]